Oratorical Competition

 International Oratorical Competition

Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) International Oratorical Competition is the premier public speaking competition for professionals in the financial service industry. Each year professionals prepare themselves for upward mobility by sharpening their speaking and presentations skills through their in participation local, regional and international competitions. The competition provides professionals an opportunity to become proficient board room presenters, while they inform, educate and inspire UFSC members and the public. Contestants entering the competition will choose one of the six oratorical topics to create their 5 to 10 minute speeches.

The 2014 UFSC Collegiate Oratorical Topics:

  • Civil Rights: Affirmative Action and Diversity
  • Housing Market Crash: Solutions, Programs and Initiatives to Stimulate the United States Housing Market and Decrease Foreclosures
  • The Effect of the Securities on Our Daily Lives
  • The United States Debt Issues

Civil Rights: Affirmative Action and Diversity
From Brown versus the Board of Education to the University of Michigan Lawsuit, civil rights issues are still impacting America’s society.  Corporate America has embraced Diversity as a measuring stick to show its commitment of inclusion to its stakeholders.  However, many view Diversity as a “touchy feely” fad that can change with the budget.  Compare and Contrast Affirmative Action and Diversity in the workplace and the impact of Civil Rights. Also discuss the relationship between diversity,  employee performance and revenue.

Housing Market Crash: What Solutions, Programs Or Initiatives Would You Come Up With To Assist In Stimulating The United States Housing Market While Also Decreasing The Number Of Foreclosures?
The United States decline in the housing market in 2007 caused the US economy to collapse which later went on to be known as the housing market crash recession.  Single handedly in a matter of 2 years the US went from having the highest housing prices in 2006 to the lowest housing prices in 2008.

Securities Market: Do You Believe The Securities Market Affect Our Daily Lives, And If So In What Ways?
The securities market has good days and bad days.  Think back to 2008, which was the last major U.S. market crash.  The government spent billions of dollars in Bank and Automotive bailouts.  Do you believe that the securities market and the events that transpire because of it affect our daily lives. 

The United States Debt Issues:  Do You Think the US Can Maintain the Status of the Most Powerful Nation in the World?  Why or Why Not
The US is viewed as the most powerful nation in the world but our debt to other countries is growing.  How much longer can we hold this status with our debt issues and what do we need to do to turn things around?

Collegiate Oratorical Competition Preparation

  • Local chapters should have a local collegiate oratorical competition by March 31st of each year.
  • All students should receive a certificate for competing.  Winning students should be awarded scholarships, certificate and trophy.
  • First place winner will compete in the Regional Oratorical Contest.
  • Students should attend junior college or four year university to qualify.
  • Students should major in Business, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems or have an interest in the financial services industry.
  • It is helpful to form a partnership with your local colleges and university to attract the students.
  • The students should receive the topics as early as October of each year.
  • The students who will be competing should be selected by December of each year.
  • Regional competitions should be completed by April 30th of each year and winners communicated to International by May 7th.
  • Regional winners should receive a scholarship and/or other gift such as business suit.
  • Local Chapter will pay the expense for the students to attend the Regional competition.
  • Regions will pay the travel expense for the winners to attend the International Summit.  International will pay summit registration and hotel expenses.

Rules and Guidelines

Since the UFSC Oratorical Competition is extremely competitive, it is important that everyone involved in the competition follows the rules and guidelines.

To be eligible to compete on any level of the UFSC International Oratorical Competition, individuals must be in good standing with their local chapter and/or the international organization. To be in good standing, individuals must be current with dues and membership status with the local chapter and/or the International Organization.