Black Gold – the Most Valuable Commodity on Earth

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Oil production

(UFSC)invites you to join David Blanchard, Director of WTM Energy, Inc. and members of the UFSC San Francisco Chapter leadership team for a call to discuss “Black Gold – Oil the Most Valuable Commodity on Earth”.

Mr. Blanchard will discuss with participants everything they need to know about oil and how they can more than just consumers of it.  This event is hosted by Matthews Financial Insurance Solutions. 

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm, PDT/9:00 pm EDT.

Location: Virtual and hosted on ZOOM

Recorded: Yes, this call will be recorded. 

Register here at:


David Blanchard

David Blanchard is the President of WTM Energy, Inc. and the Owner of DB Global Energy Consultants, LLC.  Mr. Blanchard is a forward-thinking and results-driven PETROLEUM PROFESSIONAL, with demonstrated expertise in asset management, partner and joint venture relations business development, on-the-ground operation and production, and exploration that gained through various leadership roles throughout the oil and gas industry.  He also served as Chair of the International Petroleum Technology Conference, where he ensured that the 200,000 employees where informed, engage and empowered through their annual conference.

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