National Collegiate Oratorical and Business Plan Competition


Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) International Oratorical Competition is the premier public speaking competition for professionals in the financial service industry.  Each year professionals prepare themselves for upward mobility by sharpening their speaking and presentations skills through their in participation local, regional and international competitions. The competition provides professionals an opportunity to become proficient board room presenters, while they inform, educate and inspire UFSC members and the public.  Contestants entering the competition will choose one of the six oratorical topics to create their 5 to 10 minute speeches.


2015 UFSC Collegiate Oratorical Topics

There’s an App for That: Using Modern Technology to Advance Financial Literacy for Communities of Color
Advances in technology, the use of electronic devices and computer applications are gradually helping communities of color take better charge of their financial future.  Given existing wealth disparities, minorities can benefit greatly from such tools.  What are the latest products and what are their advantages?  How are they being marketed and used in communities of color?  Can they become critical assets in addressing wealth disparities, especially during the economic recovery?
The New 21st Employment Opportunity – Cybersecurity
As Congress considers legislation to identify and prioritize actions to reduce cybersecurity risks, computer networks and systems continue to be compromised. In order to overcome this challenge, the federal government and private industry seek the most talented minds to bolster their human capital.  Reports of mass data theft, hackings and other intrusions and extrusions have focused a bright spotlight on the need to rethink how best to manage, secure and store electronic data. What the major issues facing banks and financial institutions as it relates to Cybersecurity?  How are those issues being dealt with? What are the jobs and careers that will be in high demand to deal with this issue?
€œInclusion: Afro-Latino Partnerships with State and Civil Societies in the Americas
Historically, United States has ignored the plight of Afro-Latinos, however; various countries within Latin America have taken a fresh approach to these marginalized populations.  What are Latin American countries doing to include Afro-Latinos and other marginalized groups within the state and civil society?  What modalities are being employed to increase economic and political participation and to improve Afro-Latino economic, political and educational status? How can these strategies be used in the United States?
No Golden Years for the Black Community
An unnoticed issue in the African American community is the retirement security gap.  More than two thirds of African Americans have absolutely no retirement savings.  The retirement security gap is an impending crisis that is critical in nature, but rarely specifically or substantively addressed.  What is the nature of the problem?  What roles should government, corporations and community organizations play in addressing this problem?  How do we galvanize around specific solutions to address this issue?
Money, Wealth and Financial Empowerment: Building a Personal Financial Literacy Legacy
It’€™s time for each of us to focus on establishing a strong financial footprint and building a legacy that endures for future generations.  Who are the leading experts on personal wealth-building and financial management?  What strategies that African American of all ages can be used to enhance and develop a meaningful, working knowledge of personal finance and wealth management?  What is the difference between being wealthy and rich?  What are the latest financial management tools that can be leveraged to build wealth?

Collegiate Oratorical Competition Preparation

  • Local chapters should have a local collegiate oratorical competition by March 31st of each year.
  • All students should receive a certificate for competing.  Winning students should be awarded scholarships, certificate and trophy.
  • First place winner will compete in the Regional Oratorical Contest.
  • Students should attend junior college or four year university to qualify.
  • Students should major in Business, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems or have an interest in the financial services industry.
  • It is helpful to form a partnership with your local colleges and university to attract the students.
  • The students should receive the topics as early as October of each year.
  • The students who will be competing should be selected by December of each year.
  • Regional competitions should be completed by April 30th of each year and winners communicated to International by May 7th.
  • Regional winners should receive a scholarship and/or other gift such as business suit.
  • Local Chapter will pay the expense for the students to attend the Regional competition.
  • Regions will pay the travel expense for the winners to attend the International Summit.  International will pay summit registration and hotel expenses.

Rules and Guidelines
Since the UFSC Oratorical Competition is extremely competitive, it is important that everyone involved in the competition follows the rules and guidelines.
To be eligible to compete on any level of the UFSC International Oratorical Competition, individuals must be in good standing with their local chapter and/or the international organization.  To be in good standing, individuals must be current with dues and membership status with the local chapter and/or the International Organization.

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