UFSC launches its “Career Planning Portal” to help you map out your career from starting to end and land the job you deserve.

By bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, this will help advance a diverse pipeline to the Financial Services Industry across the United States.

The UFSC’s “Career Planning Portal” promises minority financial professionals the opportunities they need to carve a unique career path. It establishes a link between supply and demand for specific competencies in perfect sync, allowing employers to access a constant stream of highly qualified candidates while minority financial professionals gain access to top-tier job opportunities.

As a subscriber of the UFSC’s Career Planning Portal, you can:

  • Map out your entire career, from student to retiree
  • Gain access to resources to make your dream job a reality
  • Get the next great job that you deserve.
  • Make contacts with employers, mentors, greater learning possibilities

At UFSC’s Career Planning Portal, we’ll help professionals like you to leverage our platform to 

  • Connect with hiring managers
  • Have access to career insights
  • Get access to career resources and advice
  • Make a clear roadmap to reach your professional goals.

About UFSC

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is a non-profit organization comprised of minority professionals in the financial services industry and related fields. Established in 1974, the UFSC provides a unique opportunity to shape the banking and financial services industries while also supporting minorities to pursue careers in finance.

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