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Are You Trying to Prove Your Worth?

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Being the only African American at your workplace can sometimes be overwhelming and you can always find yourself in a quest to prove your talents.

You have studied well, worked hard, and trained rigorously but are still doubting that your opinions will be appreciated in the work meetings.

You are caught up in a job that doesn’t pay according to your skills, time, and efforts and are secretly afraid that you will never be able to accelerate in your career, optimize your financial wealth and inspire your community and the generations to come.

And the worst part is….

Despite knowing all this and resenting your situation you are still not taking any initiative.

Don’t you think it’s high time to change that?

Want to Kick-Start Your Route to Success?

Have you ever wondered how liberating would it feel to finally be able to secure a position in your career where you are praised for your hard work and skills?

How amazing would it be to get professional mentorship from experienced individuals who can shorten your path to success by disclosing all the game-changing and predictable methods?

How empowering would it be if you can inspire other members of your community with your success stories and the coming generations look up to you for their guidance?

In other words,

You will be able to unleash your true potential, break free from the feeling of self-doubt, discover growth-oriented career opportunities, guide others and live a satisfying life.

Introducing the UFSC Membership Program

A transformative and result-oriented membership program that catalyzes your financial prosperity, career growth, and self-confidence giving you a flying start in your professional life. This membership program is designed to equip the black professionals with a visionary mindset, modern capabilities and help them win the battle against daunting circumstances and challenges.

Here’s How This Membership Will Give You a Flying Start in Your Career…

  • Overcome crucial challenges by leveraging the experience of community individuals who have been in the trenches for quite long
  • Escalate your financial condition and discover powerful and time-tested strategies to build sustainable wealth from our financial literacy programs
  • Enhance your career from our business development techniques and get a chance to interact with several corporations in the financial services industry
  • Empower yourself with numerous leaderships, career advancement, professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities and get real exposure in the field
  • Build self-awareness, discipline, and emotional intelligence and learn to become an effective leader, collaborator, and communicator
  • Eliminate all your self-doubts, grow confidence, increase mindfulness and sharpen your focus to finally win all the recognition that you truly deserve
  • Engage in community outreach and educational initiatives and become a voice for minorities
  • Learn how to be successful in the financial service industry with the utmost guidance and credible support of financial professionals and benefit from a pool of intelligent tools and resources

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Your Chance to Secure a Winning Career…

Credibility Booster

Boost your credibility and raise your reputation by actively participating in industry events and volunteering your time to help others.

Excellent Referrals

Members can exclusively benefit from word of mouth or direct referrals to high-end clients and businesses.

Strong Network

Build a profitable network for your career growth by engaging in workshops and events, and learn different ways to succeed from more than 5,000 minority financial professionals.

Eye-Opening Exposure

Gain national and international exposure by being an active member of UFSC. Connect with others through the newsletter, social media platforms, and website which can help you in building, expanding, and invigorating your brand.

Leadership Opportunities

Challenge the status quo and get support in developing, recognizing, and verifying your leadership capabilities.

Become a Voice

Globally represent people from unattended groups by vocalizing your thoughts and become a true inspiration for the generations to come.

Lead By Values

Help the community thrive by training the next generation of minorities and economically empowering other members by providing financial literacy.

Access To Senior Members

Get coaching and reclaim your path to success in the financial service industry from skilled and experienced professionals who are helping other members to flourish.

Career Planning

Specialized career planning assistance to help you recognize your interests and build an outstanding career in the financial service industry.

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UFSC Membership Program is For You

You Owe It to Yourself…

With little investment of $150, you can start reaping the benefits of this incredible membership program which is created keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the black community in a dominant society and help them stabilize their career in the financial service industry.  

Without a doubt, this will be the most profitable investment that you’ll ever make that will deliver tremendous results, will empower you to unleash your talents, and will accelerate your financial situation.

And There’s More…

As a token of acknowledgment from us to our community, we will provide a 6-month registration to UFSC Empowered Toastmaster Program to the first 25 professionals who sign up or renew their membership by November 30, 2021.

Don’t risk losing this remarkable opportunity by signing up for the membership program today.

P.S. Win a 6-month registration to UFSC Empowered Toastmaster Program by signing up or renewing your membership by November 2021.

Check out the UFSC Membership Overview Video