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FICO® Score – Opportunities and Challenges

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FICO® Score 10, 10T – UltraFICO™ – FICO® Score XD: Different FICO® Scores for different purposes.

The Richmond Chapter of Urban Financial Services Coalition invites advisors and leaders from across the financial services industry to the “FICO® Score – Opportunities and Challenges.

Session on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  This session’s featured speakers are

  • Dave Hebert – Director – FICO® Scores Business Development and Consulting,
  • Jerry St. Vil – Director, FICO Client Services.

Understanding your FICO® Score is so important today. A good credit score can be a doorway to wealth, housing, the capacity to save, how much you pay for credit, and even career opportunities in some cases in the US.   Your FICO® Score influences your access to credit and how you can manage your financial resources. This webinar is intended to provide the professional and layperson the understanding needed to discern what is and is not affecting your credit score. FICO experts will walk you through how the FICO® Score was developed and how it works, addressing common questions and dispelling myths about the Credit Risk Score used by over 90% of lenders.   You will leave with a deeper understanding of what goes into making and using the FICO® Score, along with tips on additional FICO® Score Tools and Resources.

Dave Hebert

Director – Scores Business Development and Consulting

Dave is a FICO® Score subject matter expert responsible for supporting FICO’s relationships with its clients in the US. As a key subject matter expert in the FICO® Scores Teams, Dave works with top-tier lenders in the U.S. to help them evaluate and implement FICO scoring solutions. Dave has been actively involved in research, technology, and analytics for over 30 years, having held executive-level management positions at various technology companies ranging from Microsoft and First Data Corporation to analytics and artificial intelligence startups. Dave is currently a Director of Business Development and Consulting in the FICO® Scores Team.

Jerry St. Vil

Director, Client Services

Jerry is a FICO® Score subject matter expert responsible for cultivating, managing, and supporting FICO’s relationships with its clients in the US and Canada in support of protecting and growing the FICO® Score franchise within each of those markets. Prior to joining FICO in 2014, Jerry was a Sr. Director at Citi for 16 years within Citi’s Global Consumer Bank where he held various roles in credit risk and analytic functions. Prior to FICO, Jerry was also a Principal at Opera Solutions, a big data analytics company, where he performed business development and led client engagements within the Consumer Finance & Risk practice. Jerry has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Manhattan College and an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.


July 20, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM EDT