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The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently honored Debra Bronston, a former employee of the Bank, and UFSC National Vice President, in their OMWI 2021 Report to Congress.

The following is an excerpt from the OMWI 2021 Report to Congress.

“Debra Bronston, a retired Kansas City Fed officer who helped lay the foundation of the Bank’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, is remembered as an inclusive and dynamic leader who strived to make impactful connections across the Bank and in the community. Debra passed away in 2021, leaving a strong legacy as the first African American member of the Bank’s official staff. Read more

Our UFSC Heroes

Robert J. Samuels was a pioneer in the financial services industry and founding President of the Urban Financial Services Coalition (formerly known as the National Association of Urban Bankers). Mr. Samuels retired in 1992 as Vice President of the Global Financial Institutions Group, a division of Manufacturers Hanover’s Corporate Banking and International Sector (JPMorgan Chase).

Nathaniel Carroll Harris, Jr. grew up in Montclair, NJ, attended Hampton University and graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. His career spanned over 35 years in financial services before his retirement as a Senior Vice President at PNC Bank in 2004.

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UFSC Initiative: Leveling Up the Playing Field

“Connecting Minorities and Employers: One Job, One Resume at a Time”


With your assistance, the UFSC Job Bank will list open financial services industry positions at various corporations, organizations and institutions across the country. Companies and institutions will be able to reach highly qualified minority professionals for their open financial services positions and get top candidates in the door.

Leveling Up the Playing Field Initiative intentions are three-fold:

  • Increase UFSC members’ and minority professionals’ awareness of job opportunities in the financial services industry;
  • Encourage UFSC members and minority professionals in the financial services industry to engage two of their colleagues in Leveling Up the Playing Field Initiative and posting their resume; and
  • Increase the awareness of hiring managers and recruiters of minority financial professionals in the financial services industry.

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