UFSC Salutes Jacqueline Campbell

Jacqueline Campbell: Pioneering Financial Empowerment and Diversity on Wall Street

Meet Jacqueline Campbell, a seasoned veteran with three decades of experience in the financial services industry. As the President of Detroit-based Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management, Campbell has not only carved out a successful career but is also on a mission to bring more Black women into the world of finance.

Born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, Campbell’s early exposure to the financial world was unique. As the daughter of a CPA and an entrepreneur, she found herself immersed in the intricacies of debits, credits, and income statements by the age of six. Money was not just a topic at the kitchen table; it was a fundamental part of her upbringing.

Campbell’s journey into the financial sector gained momentum during her senior year of high school when her mother enrolled her in an office co-op program. Working in the trust department at just 16, she found herself handling statements with millions of dollars. This experience fueled her curiosity and set the stage for a successful career in finance.

Rather than opting for the traditional path of full-time college education, Campbell chose to work with Comerica and pursued her investment license at the age of 18. By 21, she was a fully licensed financial advisor, a testament to her dedication to learning and applying financial principles in the real world. Although it took her longer to obtain her bachelor’s degree, she graduated debt-free in her late 30s, thanks to her employer, J.P. Morgan.

Campbell is acutely aware of the challenges young adults, especially Black Americans, face with student loan debt and other financial burdens. She emphasizes the importance of building a comprehensive portfolio that includes real estate, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, insurance, and a substantial savings buffer.

In 2019, Campbell took a bold step, leaving her corporate career to establish Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management. Her primary goal was to bring exposure to Black women in the financial industry, providing a platform for them to compete with major players on Wall Street. She envisions creating opportunities for financial advisors to build strong practices while contributing to the creation of multi-generational wealth.

Despite her efforts, Campbell acknowledges the uphill battle for Black women in financial careers, highlighting that the situation is worse today than when she entered the industry in the ’90s. Undeterred, she continues to advocate for more women to join the field, emphasizing the potential for a lucrative career that offers autonomy, flexibility, and family time.

Campbell has observed a positive shift in Black women’s interest in investing, attributing it to a newfound readiness to take control of their financial futures. She encourages young adults to avoid common pitfalls like not saving for the future and living solely for the present.

In addition to her financial career, Campbell launched a podcast titled “Founder at Legacy Lessons with Jaq” in the past year. The podcast focuses on interviewing legends who share valuable lessons, enriching the financial knowledge of its audience.

As we approach 2024, Campbell’s advice for setting financial goals is to make money discussions a year-round family affair. Breaking down the cultural barriers around discussing finances, she encourages transparency within families, fostering an environment where goals are shared and worked towards collectively.

Jacqueline Campbell’s journey from a 16-year-old trust department worker to a trailblazing advocate for Black women in finance is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and commitment to creating a lasting impact on the industry and the lives of those she inspires.