Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) Recognizes Marlon White’s Ascension to Vice-President Role at C&F Bank

UFSC applauds Marlon White’s continued inspiring career growth in the home financing industry.
August 9, 2023

The Richmond Chapter of Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) proudly announces the promotion of Marlon White to the position of Vice-President within the C&F Mortgage Corporation. In this role, White will assume the responsibilities of team leader and sales manager, leveraging his comprehensive 17+ years of industry expertise across diverse domains, including sales, operations, and secondary marketing.

Mr. White’s dedication to facilitating positive home financing experiences, encompassing both purchase and refinancing endeavors, has earned him recognition as an industry stalwart, especially in minority communities. His unwavering commitment to customer guidance underscores his deep understanding of the often-complicated mortgage landscape.

An alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University, Marlon White pursued his passion by majoring in Marketing during his collegiate tenure. Beyond his professional pursuits, White is active in community and civic duties, including standing as an Advisory Board member for the Virginia Union University Department of Workforce Management.

Mr. White has consistently championed the objectives of the Richmond Chapter of the Urban Financial Services Coalition. His elevation to Vice-President at C&F Bank is a significant achievement, which the UFSC anticipates will be a precursor to many more career milestones.

UFSC is devoted to fostering inclusivity, economic empowerment, and career progression in the financial services sector. Rooted in its mission to advocate for equitable opportunities for individuals of color throughout the financial landscape, UFSC remains an unwavering proponent of diversity and professional enrichment.

C&F Mortgage Corporation, a stalwart in the industry since its establishment in 1995, consistently transforms financial aspirations into concrete realities for its clientele. The organization’s enduring commitment to its customers and the communities it serves underscores its determination to make a positive impact through its work.

For more information on UFSC, be sure to visit www.ufscnet.org.