Call for African American Authors on the Topic Financial Empowerment


Urban Financial Services Coalition is joining the JumpStart Coalition and National Endowment for Financial Education (NFEE) in the nationwide collaborative effort to bring awareness about the importance of financial literacy and the need for effective financial education through the April Celebration of Financial Literacy Month. 

To support this effort, UFSC is inviting African Americans authors of books to submit the following:

  • Name and Company Title
  • Name of the Financial Literacy Book authored
  • Head Shot
  • Thumbnail image of the book
  • Link to website and/or where the individual may purchase the book. 

Please send the requested information to [email protected] with a cc to Ditu Kasuyi at [email protected] by Monday, March 21, 2022, 8:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The submissions will be included in the 2022 Financial Empowerment Campaign that will be shared throughout the UFSC network that consist of 7,500 minority financial professional throughout the United States.  

UFSC reserves the right to determine which submissions that will be included the campaign.  UFSC will select the individuals that are aligned with the UFSC Vision and Mission.

“A Better You in 2022”

UFSC Operations Team

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