Omaha Chapter


The Urban Financial Services Coalition Omaha Chapter, Inc. (UFSCOC) is composed of four primary committees (Finance, Marketing, Membership and Programs) which play a vital role in our chapter’s accomplishments. By serving on committees, our members are afforded the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that help to promote our organization’s mission of providing professional development programs, supporting educational advancement and promoting economic empowerment for our members and minority communities at large.


UFSC Omaha Nebraska
PO Box 11450 Omaha, Nebraska 68111


Board of Directors
Cathy Banks, President
[email protected]


Treasurer: Ernest White


  • Mad City Money
  • Financial Literacy Program
  • Small Business Sense Program
  • College Scholarship Program


Omaha Chapter Committees are:

Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to serve as a liaison between the organization and local learning institutions and implementing professional development programs for members. Specifically, the members of this committee are responsible for coordinating projects for our Adopt-A-School Mentoring Programs, overseeing our Scholarship Program and coordinating professional development seminars for the members.

  1. Create, maintain and submit a committee budget to Treasurer.
  2. Work with other committees to create & maintain UFSC Omaha events calendar.
  3. Organize and host 3 formal professional development sessions for UFSC Omaha members.
  4. Organize a scholarship banquet to coincide with annual membership reception & outgoing officers’ recognition. Work with other committees on this event.
  5. Award at least 3-5 scholarships to high school students.
  6. Partner, organize and present 2-5 Mentor and/or Volunteer opportunities to membership for participation.

Financial Committee
The mission of the Finance Committee is to conduct regularly scheduled audits of (UFSCO) financial records. This committee also spearheads any efforts to identify new funding sources.

Marketing Committee
The mission of the Marketing Committee is to disseminate information to the public by notifying the media about UFSCO. The committee is also responsible for developing and distributing all promotional and marketing items for the UFSCO.

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership Committee is to lead recruitment drives for new UFSCO members, maintain regular communications with current, potential & past members and assist with national membership reporting requirements.