UFSC Member Earns Level 5 – Visionary Communication Award

Join Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) in congratulating Dr. Andre Redd for receiving his Level 5 Visionary Communication Award as a member of UFSC Empowered Leaders Toastmasters Club.  Toastmaster Redd has demonstrated a high level of commitment to self-improvement by participating in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience and deepened his communication skills while participating in the Visionary Communication path.

Completing the path demonstrates an important commitment to a goal that required working with others and the application of leadership skills. The projects that make up the highest level of Visionary Communication focus on planning, strategic leadership and public speaking. Toastmaster Redd worked to develop a visionary plan and communicate that plan to others. They worked with a group to launch their vision and maintained excellent communication with others about organizational change.

Fulfilling these requirements involved several months of planning and implementation. It also demonstrates tremendous self-motivation and a strong interest in self-improvement. By completing the Visionary Leadership path, Toastmaster Redd has shown a commitment to excellence in communication and leadership.

UFSC is pleased to share Toastmaster Redd’s accomplishments with the UFSC and Toastmasters International family.

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To learn more, visit:

UFSC Empowered Leaders Toastmasters Club: https://ufscempoweredleaders.toastmastersclubs.org/

Urban Financial Services GKC: www.ufsckansascity.org

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