Congratulations, Class of 2022!

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Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) congratulates the March 2022 Cohort of the Leading, Managing, and Motivating Using the MBTI Boot Camp Series on completion of the program. Throughout the 5-session series, each participant received the following:

  • Personal MBTI Interpretive Report for Organizations which included:
    • A detailed description of the individual’s Myers-Briggs Type.
    •  Detailed analysis of the clarity of their MBTI results.
    •  Typical communication and problem-solving preferences.
    •  Tips to improve giving and receiving feedback as related to their MBTI type.
  • Facilitation with guidance Cohort sessions on the Overview of MBTI Assessment; how to use their MBTI type to acknowledge their communication strengths and blind spots; how to cope and offer coping techniques to their staff during periods of change and uncertainty, including empathy and motivation; and examples of how to use their MBTI types to help strengthen coaching and feedback techniques.
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 consult with a certified MBTI practitioner and Career Consultant.

The graduates of the program are:

  • Shana Amenaghawon, City of Berkley
  • Marlene Braithwaite, AIG
  • Shanelle Brewster, Rockhurst University
  • Anissa Brown, Business Development Manager, Academy Bank
  • Lisa Rowe-Higginbottom, Wells Fargo
  • Brian Kantanka, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Ditu Kasuyi, Kasuyi, and Associates, LLC
  • Ketra Lewis, Discover Financial Services
  • H.J. Martin, Prudential Advisors

The Boot Camp Series was conducted by Aisha Scott of Time to Impact 365. Ms. Scott is the Founder and Chief Career Development Enthusiast at Time to Impact 365. The organization was founded to Educate corporate professionals with IMPACT strategies to generate thought-shifting perspectives, enhance personal lives & advance career trajectories.

Urban Financial Services Coalition thanks Time to Impact 365, UFSC Richmond Chapter, and Kasuyi and Associates, LLC for their sponsorship of the Boot Camp Series. 

To learn more visit:

Urban Financial Services Coalition

Time to Impact 365

Kasuyi and Associates, LLC