Shaping Kid’s Understanding of the World of Finance


UFSC Congratulates Craig Robinson on His New Book!

Urban Financial Services Coalition congratulates Craig A. Robinson for an exceptional children’s book. It is a playful, terrific, and imaginative way to introduce kids to the stock market. The book provides basic investing concepts and shapes kids’ understanding of the world of finance. So, add this book to your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren’s book collection today!

Prepare and Inspire Kids to Work in the Financial Services Industry

The word “stock market” does not only create lots of buzz among adults but also attracts them to be part of the finance world. However, it delivers confusion among kids. That is why plenty of parents would appreciate all of Craig’s time, effort, and talent for eliminating their everyday challenges of explaining what the stock market is.

This book is meant to spur further curiosity about the stock market for children to desire to learn more about it and use the stock market as a tool to build generational wealth. The book will not only start to prepare children for a career in financial services, but also introduce the stock market’s nuanced terminology in a fun and imaginative way.

For example, after reading this book, if a child is watching the news with their parents and hearing that the Dow was up for the day, they know that’s a good thing. If a child understands that concept at an early age, the book has done its job.

Help Kids Manage Their Finances in the Future

The book’s goal is to introduce the concepts and terminology of the stock market to early learners in a fun and imaginative way. For example, the two main characters are Bull and Bear. With the characters’ thorough storytelling, illustrations, and actions, a child and a parent will come away knowing that a bull market is a good thing and a bear market is a bad thing.

A Man with Passion for Children and Investing

Craig is a former President of the Richmond Chapter of Urban Financial Services Coalition, a non-profit professional trade association dedicated to financial professionals belonging to the financial services industry. He is a writer with more than 20 years of experience in the investment management sector, providing investment portfolio management on over $1.5 billion of assets for investors.

He is also the Association of Public Finance Professionals of the DMV Co-Founder and the Sojourner Truth Public Charter School Co-Founding Trustee. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He also has an MBA degree from Duke University Fuqua School of Business. He resides in Washington, D.C., and is happily married with three young daughters.

People who know Craig see how passionate he is when talking about his family and investing. He once said, “Having three girls under six, over the past five and a half years, I’ve probably read hundreds of children’s books at bedtime but never read one children’s book about money, saving, or investing.” 

He is aware that a lack of financial literacy can cost a lot of money. Since he has worked in the investment management industry for more than two decades and is reading reports about the country’s lack of financial literacy, he decided to combine his passion for investing and children by writing Bull & Bear Race at the Big Board. 

Again, we congratulate Craig on this new milestone. The book will surely inspire young children to discover the stock market and be motivated to build wealth and even create financial freedom in the future.

Grab a copy now!

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