UFSC Omaha Chapter member recognized as Mentor of the Year

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Congratulations to an Outstanding Mentor!

UFSC Omaha Chapter member Johnny Nesbit recently received an award from the 100 Black Men of Omaha as Mentor of the Year for Nebraska!

Johnny Nesbit is a shining example of the power of mentoring along with all the good that comes with it. There is amazing personal growth for the mentor and mentees, as well as providing positive change in the community.

Johnny Nesbitt considers his passion for giving back to the community as a way to reciprocate by helping countless mentees reach their goals.

Currently, Johnny is a mentor with 100 Black Men of Omaha, the President of the Urban League of Nebraska Young Professionals, Treasurer of The Urban Financial Services Coalition Omaha Chapter, Chapter Advisor of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, Co-director of Kappa League Mentoring Program, and sits on numerous non-profits boards.

                                               -You become what you feed your mind –

”Mentoring is an opportunity for growth and development from both the mentor and mentee. Mentors help provide knowledge, guidance, and insight – but I have gained a wealth of knowledge from my mentees as well’’. –  Johnny Nesbit

This recognition is especially fitting because Johnny is a graduate of the 2008 UFSC MARK I – Minneapolis Leadership Program. While in college, the Omaha Chapter sponsored his participation in the leadership development program for college and high school students.  He was on the winning team! Johnny is a shining example of the success of the program designed to attract and support youth who are interested in the financial services industry.  He is currently a Commercial Credit Card Relationship Manager for First National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.  In addition to supporting other mentoring programs, Johnny continues to pay it forward by supporting one of his mentees participation in the 2017 UFSC MARK I – Kansas City Leadership Program.

(Johnny is fourth from the left – tan suit)

UFSC recognizes Johnny Nesbit as an outstanding member of our community who gives his time and shares his talents to help better our young, talented kids.

UFSC is pleased to share Johnny’s accomplishments with the UFSC family.

If you have a professional or educational achievement (promotion, new job, certification, degree or etc.,) and want to inspire other minority financial professionals please send your head shot, along with a short bio and description, of the achievement to [email protected].   

To learn more, visit:

Urban Financial Services Coalition – Omaha: https://www.ufscomaha.org/

Urban Financial Services Coalition www.ufscnet.org

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