Leverage the power of a LinkedIn profile and resume by keeping them current

How much time you invest updating your Résumé and LinkedIn profile defines whether you take a proactive and reactive attitude to life. Your LinkedIn profile and resumes are, without a doubt, your marketing credentials, shooting you with a slew of opportunities and assisting you in pitching yourself. Your resume will be the first point of contact with the recruiting manager.  Updating your resume is key if you want to outsmart the other candidates.  Moreover, resumes are not a one-time document, but rather a living document that must be updated as your professional career changes. Dominated by professionals, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform. A properly designed LinkedIn profile means establishing an online professional brand that might lead to opportunities and networks, that you might not have been aware of without social media.

So, what are some of the most compelling reasons to update your LinkedIn profile and resume?

It Promotes Credibility: It’s a great complement to a resume and adds credibility to the information you provide in an application. Imagine your LinkedIn profile to be a barren patch of soil where you may grow your distinct abilities and personality, offering far greater convenience than a Resume.

You’ll get noticed by Professionals and Hiring Managers: In ninety three percent of cases, recruiters leverage LinkedIn to explore and recruit candidates. On LinkedIn, you may establish an online personal brand that makes you apparent to key decision makers and recruiters. When your name is typed into a search engine like Google or Yahoo,  this means you have an online brand image and appear in search results. So, be sure to you  treat your LinkedIn profile like a Resume, and make sure that everything on it is pitching you in the best possible standard

Gain Social Validation of Your Skills and Expertise: A polished and highly-optimized LinkedIn profile will help you build trust with employers and recruiters since they can see your recommendations and contacts, as well as proof of where you have made contribution.

LinkedIn Offers an Excellent Employment Portal: On LinkedIn, you’ll find new opportunities that you won’t find on traditional employment boards. You can use LinkedIn to apply for jobs instantly, bookmark job searches, and indicate potential recruiters that you are eager to hear about opportunities.

Find Your Career Dream Spot: A well-crafted profile will attract and pique the curiosity of the relevant people. It could even convince them to contact or recruit you! Use industry-specific keywords to represent yourself and cement your expertise in your field to give yourself the best chance.

Join the Groups of Your Preference: LinkedIn Groups are a terrific way to meet individuals with similar professional identity and grow your network, which can range from other graduates to professionals already working in your sector. You can participate in discussions by joining a group. This is a great way to demonstrate your industry knowledge, pose questions, and initiate interactions with key individuals in elite groups.

The key benefits of having an up-to-date resume:

Reviewing resumes is a whole lot like doing a check-up on one’s career progress. It assists you in gaining a firm and clear picture of your current status as well as your future plans. So, if you haven’t looked over your resume lately, give the following explanations a read why you should refresh your resume regularly—-

You’ll Know Where You’re Going: An updated Resume will help you define your strategic plan, defining where you want to go next and how to get there, in addition to having a clear sense of where you are currently. For instance, if you’re now an Executive and want to move to manager, you’ll be able to recognize the accomplishments, abilities, and maybe degrees you’ll need to succeed.

Suggest Opportunities for Improvement: Your major accomplishments occurred for a purpose. And so did your errors. Review your résumé and decide which experiences have been excellent instructors. What did you discover? How have you applied what you’ve learned? What could you do to further your career?

Reminder of your abilities and accomplishments: A resume is more than a list of job titles and the length of time you’ve worked at each one. It’s a portfolio of your work. Your Resume details what you’ve learned, the skills you’ve honed, and the contributions you’ve made during your career. Having a clear picture of your path can help you in making sound short- and long-term informed professional decisions.

Pass the ATS: Another crucial component of updating your Resume for a new job is to include keywords that are technically relevant, because ATS and other applicant and resume tracking robots are used by the vast majority of companies.

If anything bad happens, you’ll still be prepared: There isn’t much else to say about this. You may be caught off guard by a job loss, or you may read the writing on the wall and suspect that you will be laid off soon. You might be fired or laid off. Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared with a stellar Resume so you don’t have to scramble during the difficult transition time that follows?

——–Make sure your résumé and LinkedIn profile are constantly up to date. Only then will you be able to get an edge over the competition.———-


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