Minority Financial Professionals Group Looks to Launch a Winning Strategy to Impact the Credit Crisis in North Omaha

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UFSCOC Leadership Team (L-R): Tia Houston, Ernest White, Frances Hunter,
Karnetta Rushing, Cathy Banks and Johnny Nesbit, Velma Scurlock (not featured in photo)

UFSCOC Purpose and Mission

The Urban Financial Services Coalition Omaha Chapter (UFSCOC) formerly known as the Urban Bankers Forum of Nebraska is a non-profit organization of minority professionals with expertise and experience in the Financial Services Industry.
The primary mission of the organization is to provide professional development opportunities for its members, support educational advancement for aspiring scholars and promote economic empowerment for minority communities at large through financial education. Since the establishment of this organization in 1988, UFSCOC members have remained highly committed to fulfilling these objectives.

Impacting the Credit Crisis in the North Omaha Community

It is inevitable that the majority of individuals and small business entrepreneurs in low-moderate income communities are compressed by the burden of poor credit and high fees.   Borrowing options are limited and understanding how to build and maintain good credit is ambiguous.  People that struggle with credit believe that they should avoid credit all together. 

Members of the Urban Financial Services Coalition Omaha Chapter (UFSCOC) will launch a credit campaign using unique strategies to raise awareness of the credit problem in North Omaha while providing learning opportunities of how to build and improve credit scores that will ultimately enhances the quality of life for low-moderate income families and small business owners in the community at large.

To learn more about UFSCOC or to become a member/volunteer, please refer to our website at www.ufscomaha.org.  Cathy Banks, Chapter President

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