UFSC-GKC “Knowledge is power” Empowerement Session I

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UFSC-GKC invites you to the 2023 “Knowledge is Power” Empowerment Sessions series that will focus on Emotional Intelligence (EI).

EI is one of the most important “overlooked” skills needed in order to be successful as it drives communication, dealing with stress, resolving conflict, perception, and various other factors. Underrepresented groups battle with various factors inside and outside of the workplace including unconscious and various other inequities. These factors drive our responses, perceptions, and actions. Unfortunately, the bar and expectations are higher for underrepresented professionals and not having EI can make or break success.

The goal with this four-part series is to ensure that we are Emotionally Intelligent both externally (communication/perception) and internally (stress/authentic) through our “Knowledge is Power” journey to educate our members and the community!

Session I will be led by Shareda Rollins with Rollins Consulting Services and provide you with:  “Introduction to Emotional Intelligence“:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • Impacts of having Emotional Intelligence
  • Impacts of not having Emotional Intelligence
  • Tips to get started with Emotional Intelligence
  • Suggested Tools/Resources 

Please see details below and REGISTER HERE to attend this virtual series.