UFSC Member Earns Educational Doctorate

Join Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) in congratulating Cliff Mahto for earning his Educational Doctorate from Concordia University, St. Paul Minnesota, on Saturday, December 18, 2021.  The topic of his dissertation and field of practice was Tacit knowledge transfer in the financial services industry.

Tacit knowledge is a critical means of transferring the nuanced understanding that is gained throughout an individual’s career. This transference of knowledge and know-how enables companies to maintain their competitive advantage, from navigating international markets to the understanding of the regulatory environment that governs them. Tacit knowledge is learned over the better part of a career. This research has focused on the types of programs utilized within financial services teams to facilitate tacit knowledge transfer within their ranks. Additionally, it studied the methods and programs these organizations utilize to address the barriers to knowledge transfer with a goal to provide practitioners with an understanding of the best practices in program development.

            Cliff’s goals are to increase the knowledge around how knowledge is transferred within the financial services industry to empower both individuals and corporate practitioners with knowledge of the benefits tacit knowledge transference programs and barriers associated with them. 

“One of the many things that makes UFSC great is that its members are always striving to be their best and are continuously looking for ways to deepen their knowledge and expertise to add value to their companies and communities of colors.  Cliff getting an Educational Doctorate to increase his capacity to make a difference embodies the vision of the UFSC leaders who laid for foundation for the next generation of minority financial professionals”

Ditu Kasuyi, President, UFSC Advisory Board

Cliff Mahto entered the financial services industry twenty-one years ago while doing research of a Master’s degree in organizational leadership, the topic of his thesis was foreign currency risk management in multi-national corporations.  He has managed operations teams in retail brokerage, human resources and institutional onboarding.  Cliff joined the UFSC in 2003, and held the positions of Central Region Representative and Central Region Vice President, also during this timeframe Cliff was an invited speaker at conferences across the country on the topic of the war for talent in the financial services industry. 

If you have a professional or educational achievement (promotion, new job, certification, degree or etc.,) and want to inspire other minority financial professionals, please send your head shot, short bio, and description of the achievement to [email protected]

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