Atlanta Federal Reserve President Raphael Bostic Inspires Leadership Dialogue in Fireside Chat at UFSC’s 50th Anniversary Event


Insights on creating an inclusive economy shared during Fireside Chat between Raphael Bostic and Gigi Wolf.

April 16, 2024

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) commemorated its 50th year anniversary with a thought-provoking event featuring Dr. Raphael W. Bostic, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Dr. Bostic engaged attendees in a Fireside Chat, sharing his leadership insights on fostering an inclusive economy that benefits all individuals and communities. The event, held from April 10th to 12th, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri, underscored UFSC’s commitment to driving positive change within the financial services industry.

During the Fireside Chat moderated by Gigi Wolf, Director of Education for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Dr. Bostic emphasized the importance of creating an economy that works for everyone. Drawing upon his extensive experience, Dr. Bostic explored strategies for promoting economic inclusion and addressing disparities to ensure equitable opportunities for all.

As the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Dr. Bostic plays a pivotal role in shaping monetary policy as a member of the Federal Open Market Committee. Beyond his official duties, Dr. Bostic is actively involved in various boards and advisory committees, including Georgia’s Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, demonstrating his dedication to advancing economic empowerment and community engagement.

Gigi Wolf, with her expertise in education outreach and curriculum development, facilitated an engaging discussion that resonated with attendees from diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to promoting financial literacy and career readiness aligns with UFSC’s mission of fostering the personal and professional growth of minority professionals in the financial services industry.

The Fireside Chat served as a platform for attendees to gain valuable insights into economic inclusivity and leadership, empowering them to drive positive change within their respective communities. Dr. Bostic’s vision for an inclusive economy and Wolf’s expertise underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the challenges facing the financial services sector.

As UFSC celebrates its 50th anniversary, the discussion with Dr. Raphael W. Bostic exemplified the organization’s commitment to providing a forum for meaningful dialogue and professional development. Through initiatives like this Fireside Chat, UFSC continues to drive positive change and create opportunities for minority professionals in the financial services industry.

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About UFSC:

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the professional and personal growth of minority professionals in the financial services industry. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, UFSC endeavors to create equitable opportunities and drive positive change within the sector.