UFSC 2014 Annual Summit; Chicago IL.

Community Empowerment

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) will hold its 40th Annual International Summit on June 5-7, 2014 in Chicago IL., at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

The Summit will continue to give members and constituents an opportunity to convene and discuss the ongoing changes in the financial services industry that affect their personal and professional lives.
The Summit will include information sessions for Career Planning in Financial Services, Financial Services Regulatory updates, Information Technology in Financial Services, small business and business professionals, a CEO Symposium led by leaders of major businesses and the Intercollegiate Oratorical and Youth Business Plan competitions.  These Summit components will be held at the head office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  The Summit will culminate with a Community Empowerment Day event that is free to the public.
UFSC, formerly the National Association of Urban Bankers, is a nonprofit organization of diverse professionals in the financial services industry and related fields.  Affiliation with UFSC offers a unique opportunity to influence the shape of the banking and financial services industry. UFSC promotes the personal and professional growth of its members and collectively articulates concerns and marshals resources to improve the economic development of under-served communities.
UFSC supports programs that offer practical benefits for diverse financial services professionals, banks and financial institutions. UFSC’s underlying goals and objectives are to foster the interest and increase the number of minorities in the financial services industry; strengthen the financial fitness of low-income communities; and provide scholarship programs for minority youth pursuing financial services careers.
The Summit will culminate with an awards reception at which outstanding members, chapters and community leaders will be recognized for their dedication to UFSC and its mission.