The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently honored Debra Bronston, a former employee of the Bank, and UFSC National Vice President, in their OMWI 2021 Report to Congress.

The following is an excerpt from the OMWI 2021 Report to Congress.

“Debra Bronston, a retired Kansas City Fed officer who helped lay the foundation of the Bank’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, is remembered as an inclusive and dynamic leader who strived to make impactful connections across the Bank and in the community. Debra passed away in 2021, leaving a strong legacy as the first African American member of the Bank’s official staff.

Debra began her career at the Bank in 1979 and worked in both Bank Supervision and Human Resources. During her distinguished career, Debra worked to establish the Bank as a founding partner of the Kansas City Chapter of the Urban Financial Services Coalition, and went on to serve at the national level. She also led the implementation of a number of programs and initiatives designed to foster and enhance diversity at the Bank. She retired as an assistant vice president in the Human Resources Department in 2011.”

Click Here to read excerpt from the OMWI 2021 Report to Congress

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